Saturday, December 25, 2010

Seven Sins Choppers Skeleton Key Rocker Caps for Unit Triumphs

Replace those old rocker bolt caps w/ something much older looking with Sevens Sins Choppers "Skeleton Key Cap"TM  Triumph Rocker covers (4 caps per set). Available in aluminum or brass, these caps are perfect for that custom unit Triumph bobber/ chopper build or any classic unit Triumph. Each rocker cap has a custom antique skeleton key hole milled out of the center 1/8" deep, 5 classic style ribs along the edging with a recessed rubber military grade Viton o-ring seal. To tighten or loosen the cap you insert the key and twist. Each Cap has a slight top curve radius . All caps come with a 18th century reproduction skeleton key. The 7075 aluminum used is "aircraft grade" and is one of the highest-strength aluminum alloys available. In fact, its typical strength is higher then most steels. The 360 Brass used is also a very nice high-quality metal.
  • Precision Engineered
  • Cap Size 1 5/8" O.D
  • Fits Unit Triumphs from '63 - 72'
Viton® fluoroelastomer ( rubber o-ring material ) is the most specified fluoroelastomer, well known for its excellent (400°F/200°C) heat resistance. Viton® offers excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals