Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Mr. Dee Snider from Twisted Sister
Seven Sins Choppers is home to not only motorcycle but also music enthusiast & artist. Getting an order from the man behind "Were Not Gonna Take It" deserves a write up. Why? Because when it was released we were all about 4-6 years old and in the mist of horrible 80's music comes a rock-metal gem that had something to say and just straight rocked. It was one of those songs that just stuck; we could relate to the defiance and the notion of question authority. "You know when you think your done with your bike but then you see something and you just have to have it? (Says Dee about his new Seven Sins Choppers Taillights). These taillight are that thing." We wanted to says thanks to Dee Snider for helping to support Seven SIns Choppers.