Monday, October 24, 2011

Seven SIns Choppers & Psycho Cycles : NYC to LBC California

Its a very exciting time here at Seven Sins Choppers stemming back to 1992 and a shop called Psycho Cycles; established in New York City. Originally owned and operated by Steg Von Heintz - The Axeman & Indian Larry. Home of the Speed Demon frame and exotic explosion proof motors. "English Don and Steg von Heintz founded two of NYC’s legendary chopper shops, SD Cycles and Psycho Cycles. It was the latter venture, Psycho Cycles, where Steg hired a drug addled, destitute mechanic who turned out to be Indian Larry. English Don and Indian Larry would later join forces, creating the Bayonet Brothers." - and there is more to come...

Seven Sins Choppers is honored to be the exclusive dealer and fabricator in helping to bring a legends unique and highly sought after chopper parts back to life and beyond. For us here at Seven Sins; its like a giant waking from his slumber. We will soon be showcasing and be selling a very exclusive licensed line of Psycho Cycles products! Steg Von Heintz (Axeman) and David Ryan (VII) have forged a relationship straight from the streets of Long Beach California.

"I like what you guys are doing, it reminds me of how we used to do things; helping each other out..its real grassroots." - Steg

Stay Tuned

Goodson MAGNETO Covers @ Seven Sins Choppers

These amazing magneto covers are made in Colorado by another highly respected artist named Dennis Goodson. When it comes to motorcycle parts; Seven Sins Choppers is a true fan of works that bring any design to a higher level with innovative classic styling which not only grabs your attention in its overall aesthetic, but is fully functional and literally sets the bar. Great art is not easy to come by and its these artist that we relate to the most. For them its not all about motorcycles and how many miles you've gone on one and all these preconceived notions about what a biker is or should be or the scene in general. You wont find them posting images on their blogs about the last event they were sponsors at or what you just missed out on; most of these cats don't even have blogs. Some of the best places these artist have been are in their own head; a secret place tucked away in a cerebral universe. We are lucky they take the time to share their art in any realm. Sometimes they reach these places of creativity while riding their 1948 Panhead down a deserted road or while wrenching out some project; fact is the physical arena doesn't distract creative minds, anything can inspire and sometimes the artist not knows what his final outcome will be. The final outcome aka destination is a rest-pit and the ultimate experience is the journey. Kind of like riding a bike; its the riding that packs a punch. Lots of people have great ideas but very few actually put them to use. For the most part the chopper scene is pretty much ignored by these artist and its their work that rises above everything. Up above from a birds-eye eagle view the air is cleaner and the world appears infinite. Most of these cats are the grandfathers or godfathers of the chopper scene and have inspired generations; they will continue to do so for generations to come. Dennis Goodson is among these artist.

As of 10-24-11, Seven Sins Choppers will be working with Goodson to help get these highly sought after magneto covers produced for inventory. If you are interested in one you can contact us at These will still be produced in very limited quantities but we will periodically have them in stock but inventory never last long. In the event they are out of stock which is not rare; you can place a back-order through our site, once they arrive they will be shipped. "Keep your hands dirty and your mind clean".

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seven Sins Choppers at Harley Davidson

Thanks to the Rock & Roll Emporium (originally from Surf City Huntington Beach and now in Santa Ana), showcasing our original taillight at a recent Harley Show; Harley Davidson of Westminster is now an official Dealer for Seven Sins Choppers Parts!